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stockings & cabaret

Adrenaline 15 den

Elegant, glossy hold-ups with beautiful...

Base price with tax: 13,91 zł
Sales price: 13,91 zł
Sales price without tax: 11,31 zł
Tax amount: 2,60 zł

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Net hold-ups with silicone lace band.

Base price with tax: 16,94 zł
Sales price: 16,94 zł
Sales price without tax: 13,77 zł
Tax amount: 3,17 zł

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Mist 11 den

Delicate, thin hold-ups with elegant...

Base price with tax: 13,01 zł
Sales price: 13,01 zł
Sales price without tax: 10,58 zł
Tax amount: 2,43 zł

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Net knee-highs.

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Obsession 17 den

Delicate stockings with elegant lace

Base price with tax: 13,11 zł
Sales price: 13,11 zł
Sales price without tax: 10,66 zł
Tax amount: 2,45 zł

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Elegant net tights, cotton gusset, no...

Base price with tax: 12,10 zł
Sales price: 12,10 zł
Sales price without tax: 9,84 zł
Tax amount: 2,26 zł

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